BRONX 330D Demolition Machine from Brokk

THE BRONX 330D is one of the most powerful diesel-driven demolition machines available today. It outperforms conventional excavators several times heavier with both its breaking power and its ability to gel into tight spaces. With an impressive power-to-weight ratio, the Brokk 330D has the muscle to tackle dense concrete structures while eliminating the need for expensive shoring. The powerful, environmental-friendly diesel engine makes it perfect for heavy-duly demcMtion in places that lack a power supply. It’s also extremely effective For open- space work.

As with its electric-powered Family members, the Brokk 330D is remote-controlled, providing a safe, ergonomic working environment for the operator. For work in extreme environments, it can be ordered with a stainless steel hood, heat resistant hoses, extra cylinder protection and an air-cooling system.


Heavy construction demolition; cleaning of ladles, kilns, and furnaces; slag removal and shipping of linings in cement and lime kilns.

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