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Servo Driven Dial Indexer from Stelron Components, Inc.

The Servo Driven Dial Indexer is a combination of the time proven RD series indexers with a constant lead cam and a servo ready, right angle gear reducer. The cams are hardened and precision ground for optimum performance and rugged durability. All of the bearings are oversized for maximum stability and extended life.

The STELRON SD Dial indexers generate smooth rotary motion through a constant lead cam
and a low backlash, servo ready, right angle reducer.

Features & Benefits:

  • Infinite number of stops
  • Flexible index / dwell times
  • Flexible ACCEL/DECEL times
  • User / field re-configurable
  • User specified servo components
  • Hardened & ground constant lead cam
  • Bi-directional output under servo control

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