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StaRRsed Compact Automatic ESR Analyzer from Mechatronics

The StaRRsed Compact is our latest type ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate) analyzer, based on the functions of earlier models of StaRRsed. It produces a true Westergren result and conforms to the recommendations of the International Council for Standardization in Heamatology (ICSH).

StaRRsed Compact uses 84 precision bore Westergren tubes, which are automatically cleaned after reading of the ESR. No disposables are used!
The StaRRsed Compact uses 1.3 ml whole blood for sampling. Waste disposal is achieved by means of a 2.5 l container and the entire system is protected by microbiological filters. The specially designed tube adapter accepts almost any type and size blood collection tube without modification.

Key Features:

  • Measures ESR according to Westergren Method.
  • Works with EDTA blood, thereby eliminating citrated blood collection tubes.
  • Achieves accurate dilution with citrate solution.
  • Better reproducibility then manual methods .
  • Built-in barcode reader provides positive sample ID as sample is aspirated
  • Throughput 80 samples per hour, open access all the time.
  • Automatic waste control.
  • Accepts open and closed sample tubes of virtually any brand and type.
  • Sample volume: 1.3 ml whole blood

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