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Linear Position Sensors from Active Sensors

Linear position sensors accurately measure displacement in control and monitoring systems. They are used extensively in aviation, medical equipment, construction and agricultural vehicle and automotive applications. Active Sensors offer a range of technologies that provide precise measurements in high temperature, hostile environments. Our range of high performance sensors including 'robust' sealed linear potentiometers, Pulse Inductive (PLS) contactless transducers, LVDT sensors and Hall Effect linear sensors.


Linear potentiometers
CLS linear potentiometers are designed for the most demanding control and measurement systems. Available with a choice of mounting options and measurement ranges up to 1000mm (40"). A hardwearing electrical track provides long life and excellent resistance to vibration and shock.

LVDT position sensors
AC LVDT sensors for industrial, automotive and aerospace control and measurement systems. Advanced manufacturing techniques ensure superior sensor stablity, accuracy and repeatability in the most hostile of environments up to 200°C (400°F). Measurement ranges from 1mm to 200mm (8")

Linear Hall-Effect sensors
Hall Effect linear sensors are designed to provide cost effective position measurement utilising proven contactless Hall Effect technology. They operate from a 5Vdc or 6-30Vdc supply and have outpit options of 0.5V to 4.5V, serial CAN 2.0 or RS485.

DC/DC LVDT sensors
XLT (DC/DC LVDT - Linear Variable Displacement Transducer) sensors operate from a 5Vdc or 6 to 30Vdc supply with an output of 0.5 to 4.5V over a measurement range up to 200mm (8"). Precision wound inductive coils enable an improved temperature performance, low thermal drift, typically <+0.01%FS/°C compared to similar inductive sensors.

PLS 'contactless' linear sensor
The PLS is a technology first 'contactless' ultra-slim linear position sensor with built-in electronics that works as simply as a linear potentiometer. The PLS is ideal for projects needing a competitively priced, accurate and reliable 'contactless' linear measurement device. The sensor dispenses with the need for costly and complex additional signal conditioning circuits.

In-cylinder position sensors
The XCT in-cylinder sensor provides reliable position feedback for cylinder rods in hydaulic and pneumatic actuators. It is a robust, contactless sensor with integral electronics. The sensor has measurement ranges up to 300mm (12") and operates from a 5Vdc or 6 to 30Vdc supply.

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