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Gill 360° Blade Rotary Sensor from Gill Research & Development Ltd.

The Gill 360º Blade Rotary Sensor is a solid-state inductive rotary position sensor, capable of measuring a full 0-359º. The sensor uses Gill’s patented induction technology to sense the position of a metallic ‘activator, mounted to (or formed as part of) the moving object. The sensor has no moving parts and, with no contact between the sensor and the moving part of the application, the sensor will not suffer from mechanical wear through use. Sealed to IP67, the 360º Blade Rotary Sensor is ideal for applications subject to harsh environments. Multiple outputs are available as standard, including Analogue (0-5.5V), Switch, PWM and Serial. The output can be fully configured using the supplied BladeCOM software, allowing the full-scale output to be used over a smaller measurement range. Features: Non-contact No moving sensor parts Full 0-360º rotary measurement (configurable range) Three wiring options (side exit, centre exit, heavy duty) Analogue & Digital outputs Unlimited mechanical life Submersible

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