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PM32 Controller Mining Automation from Marco North America.

The pm32 control unit solves all of the control problems in a mining face. The spectrum begins with the simple bidi-control functions through shearer and position dependent automation, to full-face automation. The pm32 is capable of controlling both increment plowing and automated shearer faces, and monitor face alignment and horizon control. The marco system ranges from sensors, cables and connectors to the control unit, which relays its data to the central computer.


  • 16 Character LED-Display and 25 Keys.
  • Hermetically Sealed Housing, DIN IP 68.
  • Intrinsically Safe MSHA IA.
  • Valve Switching Functions Programmable and Parametrizable.
  • 16 Output Modules, Cascade Function.
  • Face Wide Emergency-Off, Independent Support Lock Switch.
  • Standardized Conm4 Connectors Water Proofed System.
  • Compact Assembling.
  • Acoustic and Optical Warning System.

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