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CP-3550 Control Pack from Yaskawa Electric Corporation

The CP-3550 Control Pack is a system controller that has enough capacity to provide centralized and integrated control for a large-scale plant. With its high performance, advanced functions, and easy handling,the CP-3550 can meet your requirements for high throughput, redundant system,and centralized control of sophisticated systems.

  • Flexibility: Up to 512k steps of program memory and a high-speed arithmetic processor.
  • Reliability: A large-capacity FPGA is used for better selfdiagnosis.Also, the battery back-up memory,with an Error Check and Correct (ECC) function,increases the reliability of the CP-3550.
  • Operability: User-friendly support for everything from system design to maintenance even for sophisticated and complex configurations.


  • Because of its compatibility with Yaskawa’s CP-3500 (H), the CP-3550 can be adapted to an existing system at minimal cost and lost time.
  • The CP-3550’s dual-MF configuration (two MF modules on a mounting base) has the same processing speed and program memory with the CP-3500 (H)’s dual-MF configuration (four CPU modules).
  • The CPU configuration of the CP-3500 can be replaced with virtual CPUs (some of the instructions must be modified).
  • Additional equipment can be easily introduced by adding the required programs to the reserved virtual CPUs.

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