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Anthropomorphic Robots from International Robotics, Inc.

Anthropomorphic" Robots, while Animatronic in nature, are in a category of their own, simply because they represent the highest level of expression of Animatronics from the point of view of their more fluid and human-like body motions. International Robotics was responsible for launching two Anthropomorphic Robot programs for its client Ford Motors, which have been used successfully at Auto Shows throughout the world.
The Anthropomorphic Robot offered by IRI is also in a class of its own amongst other Anthropomorphic machines, in that it is the world's first and only Robot combining a revolutionary mix of electric motors and miniature hydraulic chambers, using plain water instead of Hydraulic fluid. We call this "Aquadraulics". Read on, and you'll discover how truly revolutionary this technology is, and how much sense it makes to own or rent one. Of course, we'll give it any shape or appearance you need.

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