TALON® Responder Robot from QinetiQ North America, Inc.,

QinetiQ North America’s TALON® Responder robot is specifically designed for public safety, fire and rescue organizations. TALON Responder provides the same rugged, high-performance, fast-response capabilities of the military version of the robot, but at a cost that addresses the budget realities law enforcement and first responders face today.

With long-range and agile wireless digital communications, as well as analog, TALON Responder is ready to serve even in the most challenging conditions, such as those found in highly RF-congested inner cities. The robot includes a disruptor-ready manipulator arm, wrist and gripper that provide exceptional combined lifting, dragging, towing and grabbing capabilities. The gripper can exert up to 30 inch-pounds of force on a 6-inch-wide object – more than enough to meet the needs of emergency response teams. Three infrared illuminated color cameras, including a pan/tilt mast with color zoom camera, complete the robot’s standard configuration. A laptop controller with gamepad controls allows operation of TALON Responder from a safe distance – up to 500 to 1,200 meters (1,600 to 4,000 feet) – depending on the radio option selected.

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