Tried-and-Tested Wiesel 2 digital from Rheinmetall Defence

Based on the tried-and-tested Wiesel 2 lightweight armoured system, the Wiesel 2 digital is a fully digitized vehicle featuring advanced modular system architecture. Along with the driver's position, the vehicle has two flexibly configurable PC workstations where a wide variety of applications can be carried out within a networked tactical framework of disbursed systems. Engineered for a drive-by-wire capability, the Wiesel 2 digital is fully roadworthy. In addition, the vehicle can be operated by radio. Moreover, other unmanned air and ground vehicles can be remotely controlled from the safety of the vehicle's interior.

Main Features

  • Experimental system
  • C4I applications for remote control and robotic functions
  • Redundant programmable operator consoles
  • Use of system-integrated and external sensor equipment
  • Relay and control centre functions
  • System-integrated training

Other Equipment