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ScoutWalker III BEAM robotics from Solarbotics Ltd.

The ScoutWalker III is an agile two-motor walking BEAM robot platform designed to take advantage of the Sumovore Brainboards

Solarbotics is pleased to introduce the ScoutWalker III as a very worthy successor to the ScoutWalker I design.

Being more capable, less expensive, and more expandable than any other two-motor walker design on the market makes this kit ideal for your walking robot experiments!

The ScoutWalker III utilizes BEAM Microcore technology in a very robust topology to make this two-motor walker have unusually good agility.


  • GM2 and GM9 gear motors
  • Steel subframe construction
  • Built-in phototropic behavior via IR sensors
  • Two-stage turning gaits (gentle/hard)
  • Dual tactile sensors
  • Accepts Sumovore microcontroller brainboards for building "horse and rider" configurations! Influence or simply take full control of the ScoutWalker - it's up to you and your Sumovore Brainboard! Check out the Brainboard and Addons category to tweak your Walker III.

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