Parallax CMUcam AppMod Vision & Imaging Systems from Solarbotics Ltd.

The CMUcam is an exciting AppMod that gives the Boe-Bot (Robot) the ability to actually see the world around if. With the CMUcam., the Boe-Bot can interact, and respond to images and objects by “looking” at them!

The Parallax CMUcam Feautres Include :

  • Track user defined color blobs at 17 frames per second, find the centroid of the blob
  • Gather mean color and variance data
  • Arbitrary image windowing80x143 resolution
  • 9600 baud serial communication
  • Automatically detect a color and drive a servo to track an object
  • Slave parallel image processing mode off a single camera bus - advance function
  • Ability to control 1 servo or have 1 digital I/O pin - advanced function
  • Adjust the camera's image properties - advanced function.

Each CMUcam Includes :

  • 1 x Printed User Manual
  • 1 x CD-Rom with sample code
  • 1 x Full assembled CMUcam module complete with custom mounting bracket

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