PRO 4 CD 300SE Remote Operated Vehicles from VideoRay LLC.

THE PRO 4 CD 300SE has been specifically configured for Commercial Diving Operations to quickly and effectively perform a variety of inspection and observation tasks. It is delivered with the main components – Submersible, Control Panel, and Tether and is ready to accept sensors and accessories such as imaging sonar for low visibility conditions and positioning systems for accurate and reliable inspections.

This system is delivered standard with 190 m (630 ft) total of modular tether segments for deeper dives, a manipulator arm, and a tether management system.

System Includes:

  • Pro 4 ROV Submersible
  • Pro 4 Professional ICB
  • Integrated Toughbook Computer
  • Rugged Hand Controller
  • Second Externally Mountable Camera
  • Manipulator Arm
  • Plug and Play Modular Tether:
  • 75m (250 ft) Neutral Buoyancy
  • 75m (250 ft) Negative Extension
  • 40m (130 ft) Neutral Buoyancy Performance
  • Tether Deployment System

Other Equipment