M5-A SCOUT Remotely Operated Vehicle from Kraft TeleRobotics, Inc.

The M5-A SCOUT remotely operated vehicle (ROV) system was developed to meet the increasing demand for greater safety while working in underground utility vaults. Once deployed, SCOUT is capable of detailed video inspections from floor to ceiling, pinpoint laser aimed infrared temperature measurements, and atmospheric testing for flammable gasses, toxic gasses, and oxygen levels. Additionally the M5-A SCOUT can be used while workers are in the vault, to provide a continuous visual and audio link with co-workers at street level.

  • Portable - Can be transported in a small truck with bumper mounted lifting device.
  • Compact - Will pass through a 30" Dia. manhole, and travel along a 22" wide corridor.
  • Water Proof - May be operated continuously in a dry or flooded environment.
  • Manuverable - Capable of rotating 360 degrees about its own axis.
  • Radio Controlled - No wires or umbilical cable of any kind.
  • One Man Operation - Can be easily deployed, operated and recovered by one man.

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