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Grips Brokk 90 from Kraft TeleRobotics, Inc.

A variety of Kraft manipulator arms have been integrated with Brokk machines to provide an unprecedented work capability. By combining the reach and mobility of a Brokk machine with the dexterity and intuitive control of a Kraft manipulator arm, the most complex and demanding tasks can be successfully completed. These systems are able to do the work of human hands, but from a safe remote location.

Shown is a Kraft Grips manipulator on a Brokk 90 machine. Together the Kraft manipulator arm and Brokk 90 machine provide a compact package, capable of passing through doorways and maneuvering in tight spaces. When deployed the Brokk 90 boom has terrific reach and is capable of positioning the Grips arm within a large operating envelope.

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