WIR OHP 400 Web Inspection and Rewinding Machine from Ultraflex Systems Pvt. Ltd.

The Web Inspection Rewinder WIR OHP 400 is an extension of the basic WIR 300 and features free standing unwind and rewind sections and an overhead path.

Like the WIR 300, the WIR OHP 400 serves as a filter between the Printing and Lamination processes. The output of the Printing Machine is screened for printing defects such as mis-register, blade lines, shade variations etc. by means of a full width stroboscope provided as standard equipment. On request, a web video or a 100% defect detection system can be provided instead for more effective inspection.

The defective material thus identified is removed by cut and paste operations and only good copy is rewound to provide 100% defect free reels for downstream processes starting with lamination.

Another possibility is to edit a printed reel previously inspected and marked for removal on a printing machine equipped with an online 100% defect detection system.

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