SPINS-100S Bottle Optical Inspection Machine from Shreeji Pharmatech

The Inspection Machine is used to check Saline Bottles Cosmetically. The Bottles fed from the input are fed in tilted condition to an particular angle by Channels provided at the input of the machine. Then the Bottles are conveyed through the Nylon Roller conveyor where the rollers are rotated on its axis alongwith the indexing which leads to Agitate the Bottles, so the periphery of the Bottles, bottom, sealing area & are checked through rear mirrors are visible to the operators as well as the visible particles are checked through the Magnifying lense, And related rejected bottles are ejected manually by the operators, and rest of the Bottles are allowed to proceed further to the channels which exits the same for further operation.

  • Output 0 - 100 Bottles / Min for Single Machine 
  • Electical Motors 0.5 h.p. – 02 nos 
  • Power Requirements 230 volts A.C., Due to A.C. Drive

Other Equipment