PL-B Fabric Inspection Machine of Automatic Edge-aligning from Changshu Penglong Machinery CO., LTD.

  1. Photoelectric hydraulic edge-alignment system made in Taiwan is adopted. Power 1/2HP.
  2. Fabric tension is adjustable via inverter, no shrink of fabric width.
  3. Equipped with a expanding roller to eliminate curled edge. Expanding power 1/2HP.
  4. Speed of main motor is controlled by two inverters. Power 1/2HP.
  5. Digital counter could make accurate measurement of length in yards or meters which can be interchanged.
  6. Winding roller and feeding roller are driven by gear motor made in Taiwan.
  7. Imported special foamed winding roller could roll up warp and weft knitted plush and short floss without sliding movement and untidy edge. Fabric rolls are neither too tight nor too loose.

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