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P4920 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner from P3 International Corporation.

Using its smart programming to move about on its own, our Robotic Vacuum gets in and out of the tightest places to clean all your floors.

Use it on carpet or attach the included electrostatic paper to the bottom and sweep all your tile and wood floors clean. Built-in smart technology automatically determines one of three preprogrammed patterns. Random mode for tight spaces, Spiral mode for large open areas and an Along The Wall mode for room perimeters.

Just plug in the AC adapter and charge the long-life rechargeable batteries for extended operation. Blinking function lights on the front display battery levels during charging and sweeping. Internal dust bin captures dust and dirt for easy disposal.


  • Cleans wood, tile and carpeted floors
  • Moves about on its own while cleaning
  • Smart enough to get out of tight places
  • Whisper-quiet while operating
  • Ideal for any size room
  • Rechargeable batteries included

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