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Dash4™ - Linear Shape Memory Alloy Actuator from MIGA Motor Company

The newest shape memory alloy (SMA) actuator to join the Miga lineup is the Dash4™, providing over 1.75 pounds of actuation force and a stroke of 0.23". The built-in limit switch allows for safe operation over a wide range of voltage (and speed) when used along with the MAD-v5. The Dash4™ is just under an inch wide, and less than 0.1" thick! The Dash4™ memory metal actuator retails for $29.95 and is available now.

The DM01-Series of SMA linear actuators provides 1/2” of stroke in three different force ranges up to 4.5 #f. The DM01 is a new device, intended for use only by those experienced in the operation of electro-mechanical devices. When used properly, the DM01 actuators will provide tens-of-thousands of cycles of trouble- free operation. As there is no built-in over-power protection, care must be taken to operate them safely and properly.

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