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1000m Falcon DR from SeaView Systems

Falcon DR as equipped for world class tunnel investigation solution. Fitted with Inertial Navigation System, Doppler Velocity Log, Didson multibeam imaging sonar, Scaning profiling sonar, Scaning imaging sonar, Digiquartz precision depth sensor, 2 ea auxhillary Pan, Tilt, Zoom cameras, 2 ea Auxillary Hallogen Lamps and added bouyancy modules. On the day this image was taken there was probably no more heavily equiped investigation class ROV in the world.

SeaView System’s 1000m Seaeye Falcon DR Remotely Operated Vehicle is fitted with a fiber optic data transmission system and custom power handling equipment. The Falcon uses 4 vectored thrusters for horizontal propulsion in addition to a vertical thruster. By using SeaView Systems’ in house developed lifting umbilical winch and deployment cage system we have successfully dived to 1000msw (3300ft). In addition to deep vertical dives we are able to perform deep, long distance pipeline inspections such as hydroelectric penstocks and aqueducts out to 10 000ft.The entire system is set up for air-freight as three packages with a total weight of approximately 2500lbs (1200kgs).

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