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Curvetech ROV building blocks from SMD

The Quasar from SMD is for those who wish to have the current holding capability and instrument interfaces of Quantum but in a smaller more agile package. Quasar is an excellent all round performer capable of survey, construction and drill support operations.

  • Latest Curvetech ROV building blocks used throughout
  • 100HP & 125HP Power Pack Options
  • Up to 800kg Bollard Pull
  • Optional 78LPM Tooling Hydraulics
  • 250kg Payload
  • SMD DVECS Digital Telemetry
  • HDTV & Gigabyte telemetry options
  • SMD AutoROV advanced control modes; AutoHOLD ROV DP, AutoSTEP X, Y, Z,AutoTRACK Waypoint Manager
  • Option for DriROV built-in ROV simulator

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