PCI nDepth™ Vision System from Focus Robotics

Focus Robotics nDepth™ PCI vision system is an excellent solution for companies and individuals looking to add real-time depth perception to an existing PC or PC/104+ platform. Operating at up to 30 frames per second for 752x480 images, the PCI nDepth™ vision system provides real-time 3D depth data for applications such as mobile robot navigation, people tracking, gesture recognition, targeting, 3D surface visualization and advanced human computer interaction.

nDepth™ Processor via PCI:
At the center of the system is our 2 billion pixel disparities per second nDepth™ vision processor. This programmable hardware device (FPGA) handles all aspects of depth calculation, including realtime lens undistortion, camera rectification, correspondence searching, and advanced post filtering for error removal.

6cm Baseline Stereo Vision Camera:
The PCI nDepth™ vision system includes a 6cm 752x480 stereo vision camera. Available with an automotive quality monochrome image sensor, the Focus Robotics stereo vision camera boasts >60dB of dynamic range and near IR enhanced performance for use with non-visible near IR illumination.

Other Equipment