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RB-60XL Machining Robotics from Rodin4D Solutions

The simplified interface of the Rodin4D robots allows fast processing between design to machining.It responds to most of your machining and capacity requirements.

Ideal for Machining

  • Single-piece verticalizers.
  • Seat braces.
  • Foam bed.
  • Lower limbs with foot in a single piece.


Our robots are suitable for milling a larger range of materials such as polyurethane foam, polyethylene, soft foam and plaster.


These robots work with CADftDAM software which supports 3D STL files (Rodin4Design, R4D CADCAM...) and 3D simulation software (ARPP) which program the path of the robot’s tool. A screen allows you to monitor and control the arm movements before milling.

Other Equipment