Guidance System from Precise Automation

The Guidance System is a complete motion control system for customers who desire an out of the box, ready to use solution. It delivers all of the outstanding features of Precise Automation’s motion controllers integrated to motor and logic power supplies, fans and filters and easy-touse standard connectors. The enclosure is compact to permit mounting on a linear axis, under a workstation or other location where space is a premium. It can be attached very close to the mechanism, thus eliminating extra control cabinets and reducing cable lengths. For more complex systems, Guidance Systems and Controllers can be networked together to coordinate up to 32 axes.

Combined with Precise’s powerful programming language, vision software and multi-axis kinematics library, Guidance Systems are ideal for a wide range of industries and applications. A Guidance System enables you to deliver a better product to your customers by improving your robot's flexibility, performance and space requirements, while simultaneously reducing your costs.

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