SCORA-ER 14Pro Robot from Intelitek, Inc.

A four-axis, table-top mounted SCARA robot, the SCORA-ER 14Pro is designed for
work in industrial training facilities. This rugged and reliable robot performs light-payload
assembly, handling, and packaging operations with impressive speed and accuracy.

SCORA-ER 14Pro with the new state of the art USB-Pro controller facilitates PWM
drive, PID control and continuous path, real-time, multitasking control. The programming
language is facilitated by a software interface while an optional hand-held teach pendant
enables direct operator manipulation of robot axes and position recording as well as other
functions. The ability to simultaneously control and synchronize up to 8 axes, 16 digital
inputs and 16 digital outputs enables the user to have superior real-time control of both
the robot and its application environment.

Easily integrated with peripheral equipment, the SCORA-ER 14Pro system provides the
foundation for both stand-alone applications as well as robotic workstations within CIM

Intelitek offers a number of components that combine with the SCORA-ER 14Pro to
create automated workcells that allow students to observe and study the theory and
practice of robotics and automation technologies:

  • Handling and packaging operations with palletizing and storage devices
  • Assembly operations with automatic screwdriving and gluing devices
  • Quality control operations with machine vision and high-precision measurement

Other Equipment