R14 Miniature Cartesian Robotic Positioning System from ST Robotics

The R14 is a two or three axis Cartesian positioning system designed for highly accurate, repeatable positioning of product under some process.

The R14 is, in fact, just a mechanism which may be optionally fitted in any enclosure to suit the application. Two-axis R14 positioner manufactured for Process Analysis Automation as their StorStar product. It positions a titerplate or tube holder under an aperture. All you do is send it a well number and the medium is positioned accordingly. This ensures that sample is entered or taken from the correct well or tube under computer control, eliminating human error or for positioning under a fixed pipette. R14 is small and compact and uses small but powerful stepping motors with lead screw drives. It has a single card controller developed by ST Robotics which uses exactly the same ROBOFORTH commands as it's big brothers R15/17/19.

Programmable: In addition you can program the device to do anything you want, for example you connect a signal or switch to one of the inputs and program it to increment the well number each time the signal is given.

Another application for R14 is this cooling cabinet designed to store reagents at low temperature. Cooled with Peltier devices and intelligent PID controller it can hold 0.1 deg C down to 1 deg C. The R14 is used to open slats in the top of the cabinet to allow access by the transport robot.

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