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R19E (Athena Mk5) 4-Axis Robot Arm from ST Robotics

R19 is a low cost entry to bench top robotics, fast, accurate and reliable and easy to program. It is of the cylindrical format with four axes ideally suited to working in a plane around the robot. Like our other robot arms it is excellent value fast and accurate. The mechanics are incredibly simple and phenomenally reliable. It is easy to apply and program yet is capable of the most intricate tasks.

Like all ST robots it uses new light weight, high speed, high efficiency stepping motors with encoder feedback. The new design (R19E) has the motors mounted to the sides of the axis drives which reduces the physical lengths of the axes compared to strokes (total movement). This makes it even easier to fit in confined spaces such as fume cupboards or lead enclosures.


  • 4 axis Cylindrical format
  • Fully enclosed
  • Fast and accurate
  • Slim 'Ultraglide' extend arm and end effector drive for access to confined spaces
  • 'Ultraglide' Z-axis.
  • Narrow axis apertures for safety and cleanroom
  • Extend aperture inverted for cleanroom
  • Simple teach pad
  • Pneumatic or electric gripper or any other end effector
  • Extensive input/output interfacing
  • Non-volatile memory, dual fast processors

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