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Wireless Dangerous Eliminate Robot from Homedense Corporation.


  • Far distance wireless control, the robot have with a wireless camera and send video back to the wireless controller. Wireless distance: 100 m. and 300 m. for choice.
  • To be eliminate dangerous thing, such as crack, bomb, any cause calamity's dangerous products.
  • To be handling or eliminate some dangerous or calamity place or area, such as chemical, high temperature, poison gas circumstance.
  • Machine Size: Length 130 x Width 70 x Height 100 cm. Total Weight: 230 Kg
  • Robot Arm working range:
    • 5 Axis Arm
    • Working Length Diameter 120 cm.
    • Robot Arm carry total weight: 10 Kg.
    • Operate speed: 30 degree/ sec.

Other Equipment