Breathable Film Line from Quanzhou Orient Machinery Co., Ltd.

The line produces the latesttype of breathable film. The raw material is PE, which is extended to get micro-hole by adding CaCo3. These high-density micro-holes in the film can let the gas and vapor out but obstruct the liquid. So it gets the name as "breathable film" , which apply for various purpose.


  • Medical Dressings: operation suit & bedsheet, medical exposure suit and others.
  • Personal Caring Products: sanitary napkin, baby diaper, tissue and others
  • Daily Necessities glove, sleeve, raincoat, waterproof cloth and others.
  • Building Materials: dewproof film, waterproof film etc.

Extra Processing:

The breathable film can be processed on the line to get extra features: deep embossing, flat
embossing, printing or laminating on non-woven cloth, UV stabilization etc. for different purposes.

Other Equipment