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HUGIN 1000 Autonomous underwater vehicle from Kongsberg Maritime AS

The HUGIN 1000 Autonomous underwater vehicle - AUV is capable of performing high-speed surveys with excellent navigation and payload data quality down to a depth of 1000 meters.

The vehicle can be operated in either operator supervised or full autonomous mode. The special hydrodynamic shape, optional launching system and overall principles of our previous HUGIN 1 and 2 (operating in the North Sea since 1997) and the deepwater HUGIN 3000 vehicles have been further developed into the HUGIN 1000 design.

Additional features of the HUGIN 1000 AUV autonomous underwater vehicle include minimization in physical size while maintaining the ability to carry several different types of survey sensors for synchronized and simultaneous operation. The HUGIN concept allows integration of alternative sensors for geophysical, search and inspection purposes to be implemented, subject to customer demands.

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