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ATM-100 Series Atmospheric Wafer Handling Robots from Fantron Technologies

Newly developed and fully backward compatible, the ATM-100, 300 ATM-400 series atmospheric robots are a significant advancement in R-Theta-Z robot design and system architecture. Benefiting from the technological advances of today's components, the robots utilize lowinertia, quick response brushless servomotors. Coupled with zero-backlash Harmonic Drive® speed reducers, our robots offer greatly enhanced dexterity and precision. The innovative, class 1 compatible design incorporates the motion controller, servo amplifiers, and power supply within the robot's industry-standard cylindrical base. Our integrated design occupies less of your valuable manufacturing space.

The robot 32-bit, real-time kernel delivers accurate motion profiling along multiple path segments, and the distributed control architecture allows seamless integration with linear tracks, pre-aligners, and other sub-components. Networkable RS-485 and Ethernet interfaces complement the standard RS-232 and teach pendant connections. Comprehensive emulation of traditional robot "macro" commands offer a high level of compatibility with existing semiconductor tools. Powerful native wafer handling and scripting languages allow for simple integration of the robot into a wide variety of new automation applications.

The robots are offered with different radial reach capabilities. Standard arm links are 5.25" long, making total available reach equal to 10.50" plus end-effector length. If longer reaches are required, links of 7.20" are available. Z-axis vertical travel is 7" to 17". Additional options include multiple vacuum lines, a class 1 reflective laser scanner, S2 ready, and vacuum compatibility to 10-8 torr.

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