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FlangeBot Wireless Inspection Robot from Remote Ocean Systems

The system is comprised of a wireless remotely controlled robot and a control console. The robot is a compact, battery-operated and self-propelled wheeled vehicle that carries a high performance color zoom camera, integrated LED lights, and various attachments for cleaning and drying. The robot includes a RF transceiver to receive commands initiated by the operator at the control console, and, as necessary transmit feedback information. A separate RF transmitter sends the video signal to the control console via the relay station. A motorized roller-scrubber may also be attached. This apparatus incorporates a self-powered Scotch-Brite roller, a squeegee, and an absorbent roller. Easily configured in the field, any or all of the attachments may be used. A final wipe down pad attachment may also be deployed either in place of the roller/scrubber and/or trailed behind the robot.

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