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The Seaborne Navigation System (SEANAV) hardware is fully qualified for at-sea operation and is the latest addition to Kearfott’s family of Monolithic Ring Laser Gyro (MRLG) based inertial quality pointing, stabilization, survey, and navigation devices for maritime applications. The SEANAV modular architecture provides maximum flexibility, offering selectable performance and future upgradability. A sophisticated Kalman filter allows for aiding from various onboard devices such as GPS, Sonar/Doppler, Speed Log Aid and Screwspeed. Typical applications include surface and subsurface vessels, remotely operated vehicles, and autonomously operated research/survey vehicles.

  • GPS Embedded Module - C/A Code or P(Y) Code
  • Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver (PLGR) with differential capability - C/A, P(Y) Code or Defense
  • Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR) P(Y) Code
  • Selective Stand Alone GPS Receiver - C/A , P(Y) Code or differential

Other Equipment