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Spykee The Wifi Spy Robot from Borgfeldt (Canada) Ltd.

Spykee is the first robot that you build, transform and can control from a computer (PC or Mac) through a WiFi connection or from anywhere in the world via the Internet!

He's equipped with a WiFi card, a video camera, microphone, loudspeaker and 2 motors.

Spykee is a Spy Robot and surveillance device! Spykee can move, see, hear, speak, take pictures or record videos. He is equipped with light and sound effects, video filters. When a movement is detected, Spykee activates an alarm or emails you a picture

Spykee is a telephone and MP3 Player! He can be used as a VOIP phone & webcam Listen to your own MP3 music

Spykee senses when his batteries are weak and returns back to his recharging station automatically!

Build 3 different styles quickly and easily. Includes over 200 pieces, recharging dock station, rechargeable 9.6V battery and assembly tools. Compatible with other Meccano sets.

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