VORTEX Spinning Machine from Murata Machinery , Ltd.

"VORTEX® spinning" is a technology which uses an air vortex to spin out the yarn. Fibers formed by these air flows possess a unique structure, and this provides the yarn with a wide range of functionalities.Producing functional and fashionable yarn with excellent value - this is our concept for the VORTEX Spinning.

Now, we are proud to introduce, "VORTEX 861" with the world's fastest spinning speed of 450m/min. The VORTEX 861 leads the age not just with its ecological energy saving design, but also by contributing profits with even better quality conical packages and friendly management system.


  • The world's first practical air vortex spinning technology by Muratec
  • The world's top spinning speed: 450 m/min
  • Roving, spinning and rewinding all combined in one machine
  • Lower power consumption
  • Great improvements in floor space productivity
  • Incredibly user-friendly quality and production management system

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