eTrack Linear Stages from Newmark Systems Incorporated

The low-cost eTrack linear stages are designed for a variety of applications in research & development, automation, and other industrial areas requiring quick positioning of light payloads.

The eTrack offers travel lengths from 50mm to 300mm and two leadscrew pitches: 2mm & 12mm. The eTrack comes standard with a high torque size 17 stepper motor. Note, the eTrack does not include end of travel limit switches. They must be purchased as a separate item.

The drive system utilizes a stainless steel ACME leadscrew with internally lubricated plastic drive nut. The drive nut offers zero backlash operation that automatically adjusts for wear to insure zero backlash for the life of the stage.

The eTrack is available as an XY linear stage using the limit switch plate option, P/N: 25102. This option adds non-contact limit switches to the eTrack. The limit switches are terminated by a 9 pin connector near the rear of the stage next to the motor.


  • Compact Size
  • Low Cost
  • Light Weight
  • High Speed
  • 50mm to 300mm Travel Range
  • Size 17 Stepper Motor

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