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Pipe Crawler - Ultrasonic Inspection Robots from INSPECTOR SYSTEMS Rainer Hitzel GmbH.

The robots are able to travel both horizontal and vertical sections of pipe with a speed of 200 m/h. Even bends and turns with a diameter of 1.5 D are no obstacle. Due to their self-propelled construction, the robots don't need to be pushed through the piping. This means they are free to inspect every point along a section of pipe. Data gathered from ultrasonic is immediately available for viewing on-line.

The Ultrasonic Inspection Robot is connected to its control unit via a rip proof glass fiber cable. Thanks to the smooth surface of the cable, large sections of pipe of several hundred meters in length and pipe systems containing many bends and vertical sections can be inspected. The cable also transmits control commands as well as ultrasonic and picture data.

The actual ultrasonic element consists of a rotating ultrasonic sensor for measuring pipe wall thickness as well as a camera and a positioning unit.

  • Flexible, self-propelled construction
  • A thorough examination of the pipeline is possible
  • Can travel pipes with bends ( 1.5D )
  • Vertical pipe sections can be inspected
  • Long sections of pipe ( approx. 300 m ) can be traveled
  • Pipe sections with a small diameter can be examined ( upwards from 4 inches )
  • A camera for providing an overview is mounted on the ultrasonic module
  • Changes in the pipe's diameter present no problem
  • Pipe sections laid in the earth can be examined
  • The robot can be deployed through an opening in the pipeline
  • The robot can detect both internal and external corrosion

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