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Small Didelbot from Didel SA.

The small Didelbot (6cm long) has a cute design. It both has a ludic and pedagogic objective, since it can be used on several different ways.

  1. As a toy robot, it moves avoiding obstacles, drawing a figure, following a track, not falling from the ground.
  2. It can be infrared controlled and with its pen, leave a track on a sheet of paper.
  3. It can be connected to a PC via a serial line or via Bluetooth and execute a set of functions programmed in the monitor: moving for precise distances at given speed, reading the distance sensors, blinking the LEDs, producing several bips.
  4. This control can be done via a VisualC, VisualBasic or Java to send order sequences driving to interesting behaviours, as drawing figures or chasing another robot and neutralizing it with its IR gun.
  5. Communication can be established with CeeBot environment (Epsitec SA), and add to the set of exercises teaching C++/Java-like programming on a simulated robot with the control of a real robot.

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