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ROBOT RR407 Atmospheric Robotics from Rorze Technology, Inc.

This high performance atomospheric glass substrate transferring double arm robot is developed for FPD glass substrate transfer.


  • Implemented 1260mm max transfering distance, that apply to FPD glass substrate.
  • S-curve acceleration/deceleration controllers have been employed to ensure smooth handling at high speed.
  • The dual arm configuration decreases amount of time required to exchange substrates on a process stage.
  • Complete sealing at the robot arm joints pushes clean performance beyond the detecting capability of particle counters available in the current market.The number of particles (0.1 micron or more in diameter) was counted as zero within 650 millimeters (all directions) of the substrate.
  • Thanks to high resolution and low vibration, a substrate can be transferred safely, with minimal sliding and particle generation.
  • To ensure that the substrate is securely vaccuum chucked, one tube and four wires (for two separate sensing systems) are neatly housed in the arm section.
  • Non contact glass substrate alignment mechanism for rotate and back and forth direction of end effector are installed on end effector.

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