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Researchers of LIREC Project Develop Digital and Interactive Companion Robot

Robots that have shown various expressions through their faces have always been fascinating to look at. It is truly amazing to see how much of emotion is poured out of a robot’s face.

Emys Robot

The researchers at the Wroclaw University of Technology in Poland have created Emys, a robot with an emotive head system. The robot is capable of expressing itself in different ways. Of all the expressions that the robot is capable of emoting, the ‘surprise face’ is the most fascinating, according to the author.

Emys is a part of the LIREC Project, which is exploring the design of digital and interactive companions who can read and develop emotions and also act cross-platform. LIREC is a European research project. In other words, the project aims at making robots sought after companions, by infusing into them abilities to sense your feelings and expressing themselves accordingly. The Emys robot comes with a wheeled Segway-style body, called FLASH. It also has an arm for shaking hands or giving a thumbs up signal.


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