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Multi-Specialty Robotic Training Center at George Washington Hospital

The George Washington University Hospital, a 371-bedded hospital, is to commence a multi-specialty robotic training center in 2012.

It has recently invested in two daVinci Si robotic systems and a dual console system. These systems included skills simulation for providing surgeon training and fluorescence imaging.

The new multi-specialty robotic training center will attract surgeons for important continuing education. The facility of having two daVinci Si robots along with the dual console system will allow two surgeons to jointly work during teaching sessions or while performing daVinci Si-enabled surgical assistance procedures. The robots have intercoms that allow communication between the surgeons. The surgeons can also interchange or transfer control of the endoscope and the robots arms.

Intuitive Surgical has announced the availability of new single-site instrumentation for surgically removing gall bladders using the daVinci Si systems. The George Washington University Hospital plans to send a surgical team to Intuitive Surgical for getting trained in the new technology.

The daVinci robotic Surgical System provides benefits to both surgeons and patients. It has an advanced three-dimensional imaging system and flexible robotic arms that enable surgeons to carry out delicate procedures with high precision. It replicates movements of the surgeons in real-time. The surgery is minimally invasive, requiring smaller incisions leading to lesser pain, quicker recovery, shorter hospital stays, reduced trauma, lower infection risk and less blood loss.

Surgeons at the George Washington University Hospital have performed over 2,500 robotic procedures in various areas, including colorectal, thoracic, cardiovascular, kidney, gynecologic, prostate, bladder and gastric bypass. It is also the first hospital in the area to perform a robotic colon and rectal surgery with the da Vinci Surgical System.


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