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ReconRobotics Unveils Advanced Throwbot XT Reconnaissance Robot

ReconRobotics recently declared that it will launch an advanced military and police robot during the Eurosatory defense and security exhibition that is being held from June 11 to s14 in Paris. This new robot includes advanced reconnaissance capabilities.

The new Throwbot(R) XT supplies warfighters and SWAT personnel with both video and audio reconnaissance capabilities during high-risk operations. The micro-robot weighs just 1.2 lbs and can be thrown up to 120 feet. (Photo: ReconRobotics)

The Throwbot XT is a throwable, mobile micro-robot featuring audio as well as video reconnaissance of hazardous environments. The new micro-robot will be deployed by SWAT personnel and military fire teams to instantly obtain situational awareness while carrying out surveillance missions and high-risk operations.

Weighing only 1.2 lbs, the Throwbot XT can be thrown up to 120 ft. It has been designed to be resistant to water and dust. The in-built infrared optical system enables automatic activation during low ambient light condition, ensuring the user with perfect visualization in complete darkness. The micro-robot, upon deployment, enables efficient navigation across a structure and sends out audio and video to the compact, handheld OCU II (Operator Control Unit II). With these crafty capabilities, detection of armed subjects can be achieved. In addition, the presence of hostages or innocent civilians can be confirmed. It also transmits information that can protect lives, thereby creating increased success of high-risk operations. The robot can be programmed for any of three predetermined transmitting frequencies. Up to three robots can be deployed concurrently in the same environment.

ReconRobotics launched the Recon Scout robot in 2007 that led to the discovery of revolutionary robots called tactical micro-robots. Recon Scout robots are compact and simple, yet powerful. Recon Scout robots can be compactly packed and transported to various places by soldiers and SWAT personnel. It can be unpacked and deployed within five seconds to achieve greater standoff distance and lifesaving situational awareness.

The U.S. military and allied friendly forces are using over 3,700 of the Recon’s micro-robot systems, while worldwide police tactical teams and bomb squads deploy nearly 500 systems. Afghanistan-based U.S. Army and Marine Corps fire teams use around 2,000 of these robots for urban warfare and compound clearing operations.



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