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Medical Robotics and Computer-Assisted Surgery

Medical Robotics and Computer-Assisted Surgery

This BCC study analyzes U.S. and global markets for MRCAS equipment in the light of the most recent available information. In addition to looking at current and future markets for these devices, the study will analyze technological, economic, and regulatory developments that may have a long-term impact on the size and structure of the MRCAS market.

More specific objectives are to:

  • Identify and segment the main types of MRCAS devices that have been commercialized to date.
  • Analyze the historical and current volume and value of shipments of each of these product segments in specified applications and geographical markets.
  • Identify and evaluate the impact of demographic, economic, and other factors that will drive future demand for MRCAS devices.
  • Forecast the volume and value of product shipments by equipment type and application and probabilities that future demand will be higher or lower than the baseline forecast.
  • Identify promising new surgical procedures and products still in the development and testing stage and assess the probability that they will be commercialized successfully in the next 5 years,
  • Forecast the potential market for these developmental procedures and products, taking into account the estimated probability that they will be commercialized.
  • Identify leading manufacturers of the devices and analyze the structure of the MRCAS industry (e.g., market shares, concentration, and recent M&A activity).
  • Assess the long-term outlook for MRCAS equipment, taking into account market opportunities as well as technological, financial, and economic factors.

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