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    Ruland Manufacturing Co., Inc. develop metric shaft collars and added metric rigid couplings, step bore rigid couplings, and motion control couplings. Innovation and careful manufacturing continued...
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    Fluid Power Engineers is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of hydraulic filter, oil filter, pipe clamps, suction strianer, gear coupling, air breather, check valves from India. The company was...
  • News - 12 Jan 2016
    Patients who have lost their hand functions due to injuries or nerve-related conditions, such as stroke and muscular dystrophy, now have a chance of restoring their hand movements by using a new...
  • News - 2 Mar 2023
    The climbing skills of different organisms like geckos, inchworms, and tree frogs offer a potential platform for the design of soft climbing robots. Tiny new robot, dubbed the...
  • News - 6 Aug 2019
    As a source of stimulus, aquatic creatures such as fish, jellyfish, and cetaceans could inspire advanced designs to enhance the ways that manmade systems work in and interact with aquatic...
  • Article - 2 Nov 2012
    This article discusses the design and development of soft-bodied robots.
  • Article - 11 Mar 2022
    A kinematics model and a primary prototype of a leg structure based on a spring-mass model are developed in this study.