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RobotWorks Robotics CAD Simulation

RobotWorks Robotics CAD Simulation

RobotWorks is a robotics CAD that runs with SolidWorks on a Windows PC. Use RobotWorks for workcell design, motion simulation and robot programming inside one interactive CAD environment.

RobotWorks uses the SolidWorks graphics and kinematics engine to create a robot path quickly along faces, edges and curves of CAD objects.

In RobotWorks "The Math is the Path" - the geometry behind the CAD objects is translated to a mathematically accurate path, complete with location and orientation, along which a robot can run.

With a few mouse clicks you have an accurate off line robot program written in native robot language, without using a teach pendant. Once you have created a path, you can move the parts around on the screen and the path will be revised automatically, or you can modify any point manually in an interactive way.

Key Features:

  • Calculates path automatically along CAD objects
  • Allows moving tool or moving part
  • Enables Collision Detection
  • Displays Actual Joint Values and Limits
  • Provides Tool Frames and User (Base) Frames
  • Works with most imported surfaces
  • Reads XYZ points and translates them to robot path
  • Records external events and instructions (I/Os, speed, etc.) for each point
  • Writes native files for FANUC, ABB, Kawasaki, Motoman, KUKA and Staubli
  • Produces point files in a generic form for most other robots

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