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Robotics Software

ERSP 3.1 Robotic Development Platform

The ERSP 3.1 Software Development Kit provides cutting edge technologies for vision, navigation, and system development. ERSP is the platform of choice for hundreds of R&D and Product Groups from prominent companies worldwide. ERSP's patented and award-winning visual pattern recognition technology is deployed in many consumer products, such as the LaneHawk™ visual scanner used to prevent loss in grocery stores.

Urbi Open-Source Software to Control Robots

Urbi is an open-source software platform to control robots or complex systems in general. It includes a C++ component library called UObject that comes with a robot standard API to describe motors, sensors and algorithms. Next to UObject, you can use the urbiscript orchestration script language to glue the components together and describe high level behaviors, a bit like python or LUA, but with embedded parallel and event-driven semantics to make the job easier.

IntelliBrain-Bot Educational Robot

The IntelliBrain-Bot educational robot is designed to bring computer science, robotics and engineering concepts alive for students. Our Exploring Robotics with the IntelliBrain-Bot curriculum provides a step-by-step introduction to robotics and Java programming using the IntelliBrain-Bot deluxe educational robot.

Orocos Open Robot Control Software

Portable C++ libraries for advanced machine and robot control. Because of its applicability to industrial applications, the realtime Orocos framework has grown into the machine control field and outgrown its robotics roots.

RobotStudio 5 Offline Programming

Offline programming using the Virtual Robot Technology is just like having the real robot on your PC!

Fawkes Software Framework for Robotic Real-Time Applications

Fawkes is a component-based Software Framework for Robotic Real-Time Applications for various Platforms and Domains. Developed and used over four years for cognitive robotics real-time applications like soccer and service robotics. It supports fast information exchange and efficient combination and coordination of different components to suit the needs of mobile robots operating in uncertain environments.

CLARAty Robotic Software

CLARAty is a framework that promotes reusable robotic software. It was designed to support heterogeneous robotic platforms and integrate advanced robotic capabilities from multiple institutions. Consequently, its design had to be portable, modular, flexible and extendable.

ROBOTC for Cortex & PIC

ROBOTC for Cortex & PIC enables users to program both the VEX Cortex Microcontroller or the VEX PIC Microcontroller V0.5 using the same application. The skills that students learn when they program using ROBOTC easily transition to skills used by professional engineers and computer scientists; ROBOTC has the same form and feel as the tools used by professionals.


LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT is back and better than ever: new models, more customisable programming and all-new technologies! MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 combines the versatility of the LEGO building system with all-new technologies, an intelligent microcomputer brick and intuitive drag-and-drop programming software. The new 2.0 toolkit features everything you need to create your first robot in 30 minutes and then thousands of other robotics inventions that do what you want!

FlowStone Graphical Programming Environment.

The way computers have been programmed over the years is continually evolving first there was machine code (A9) then assembler (LDA), then came so called high level languages like Pascal, Fortran, Basic, C++ (If (x > y) ), these were then modified to become visual languages (basically the same code but you could arrange your graphics on screen). Then came object orientated languages, again the same code but with more structure. That was until now when FlowStone changed everything and gave the world Graphical Programming!

MissionLab v7.0

The Mobile Robot Laboratory at Georgia Tech is pleased to announce the release of MissionLab v7.0 multiagent robotics mission specification and control software. MissionLab takes high-level military-style plans and executes them with teams of real or simulated robotic vehicles.

OpenJAUS for Unmanned Systems

OpenJAUS is an Open Source implementation of the Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems. It includes all of the software and sample code that you need to standardize an unmanned system immediately.

DROS: Dave's Robotic Operating System

DROS stands for Dave's Robotic Operating System and it is basic software modules needed for robotics. At the moment, the framework consists mainly of support functions for modular programming and modules for mobile robots. However, in the future the scope should expand and, of course, contributions are most welcome.