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IntelliBrain-Bot Educational Robot

IntelliBrain-Bot Educational Robot

The IntelliBrain-Bot educational robot is designed to bring computer science, robotics and engineering concepts alive for students.

Our Exploring Robotics with the IntelliBrain-Bot curriculum provides a step-by-step introduction to robotics and Java programming using the IntelliBrain-Bot deluxe educational robot.

The IntelliBrain-Bot educational robot is fully Java programmable and includes the RoboJDE Java-enabled robotics software development environment. RoboJDE provides an easy to use programming environment that enables students to focus on programming and robotics concepts without getting bogged down in a complex development environment.

The IntelliBrain-Bot educational robot is available in two models, the IntelliBrain-Bot Deluxe kit and the IntelliBrain-Bot Basic kit. Either model may be purchased assembled or unassembled. The IntelliBrain-Bot Deluxe educational robot includes an IntelliBrain 2 robotics controller, two wheel encoder sensors, two line sensors, two infrared range sensors and an ultrasonic range sensor. The IntelliBrain-Bot robot includes an IntelliBrain 2 robotics controller and two wheel encoder sensors. Both models include a chassis, wheels and two servo motors.

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