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OpenJAUS for Unmanned Systems

OpenJAUS for Unmanned Systems

OpenJAUS is the leading source for JAUS-compliant middleware for unmanned systems. Founded in 2006, OpenJAUS can trace it roots to the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge as graduate students Bob Touchton, Danny Kent and Tom Galluzzo were tasked with developing a JAUS compliant architecture for use with the DARPA Grand Challenge entry from the University of Florida. Drawing on several years of JAUS experience at the time, the students developed an SDK for use by the half dozen graduate students working on the project. In October 2005 the NaviGATOR vehicle traveled about 18 miles on the grand challenge course before being disabled. The JAUS software continued to run for the next 12 hours in standby, with logs from that day showing over 12 million JAUS messages transmitted amongst the nine JAUS nodes on the system.

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