New Robot Vacuums with Integrated App and Smart Operating System

Home robotics company, Coral Robots, has developed a new range of thoughtfully designed, 2-in-1 robot vacuums. This latest development reiterates the company’s mission to constantly design robots that improve people’s day-to-day lives.

Image Credit: Coral Robots

The latest collection includes a pair of models called the Coral One Lite and the Coral One Ultra. These meticulously designed robots integrate an intelligent vacuum with a robust, handheld, patented, modular design. The introductory rates of the Coral One Ultra and the Coral One Lite are $499 and $299, respectively.

The robot vacuums are now available on Indiegogo. In addition, Coral Robots has added a new advancement to the robot vacuum space, which has remained unchanged in the past two decades. By integrating its recently designed WaveOS into the devices, the company has produced state-of-the-art hardware for the home and also an exclusive software with the potential to influence the future of home robotics and automation.

Features of the Coral One Ultra and Coral One Lite are as follows:

  • Better air quality in homes—The highest-grade HEPA + BioSafe filters prevent dust and allergens that pollute homes and inhibit breathing
  • Tangle-free brush with zero maintenance time—A custom-made tangle-free brush fabricated from micro-fibers prevents hairs or cables from getting stuck in the vacuum and this eliminates the need for cleaning
  • Remote control the vacuum—A Coral Compass joystick control allows users to drive around the vacuum robot to clean on the spot, or simply have fun
  • Sleek design to clean under furniture—The slim profile of the vacuum robot allows it to go under nearly any piece of furniture for a complete clean
  • Coral Reef app—The Coral Reef app has been particularly designed to work with Coral robots, and it allows users to program custom-cleaning cycles, earn rewards, download over-the-air updates, download sound packs, and more
  • Customize the cleaning area—Coral Beacons are virtual walls that introduce another layer of navigation apart from the integrated mapping and navigating systems, to regulate where the vacuum robot does and does not go, and also the beacon can be customized to modify the robot’s cleaning behaviors
  • WaveOS—A unique operating system that enables all smart devices to connect and evolve in the cloud and in the smart home

Human/robot interaction has the potential to enhance lives by reducing the pain points associated with the everyday, and freeing time for more fulfilling activities. Combining thoughtful design and advanced technology that has yet to be seen in the robot vacuum industry, we are creating products that will continue to automatically improve themselves, meaning improved sustainability and innovation in the home.

Ted Ko, Chief Executive Officer, Coral Robots

All design elements, and the use of the integrated app and Wave OS, have been carefully considered,” stated Coral Robots’s Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Creative Officer George Ko. “While many smart home products rely on innovation for innovation's sake, our mission is to bring well designed products to the home that actually help you with your day-to-day tasks. Leveraging technologies today, in AI, machine learning, and software helps create a world of seamless robotic interaction.”


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